Standard Abrasives


Standard Abrasives™
Convolute Wheels
Used for deburring, blending, finishing, polishing
and cleaning applications that will not break edges
or remove metal, these wheels are used on
automated equipment, straight shaft stationary and
portable tools and feed-through machines.
GP Plus Wheels – These wheels provide the highest
durability for the toughest edge and flat surface
deburring applications, producing a smear resistant
finish, while maintaining wheel shape in the most
aggressive applications.
Deburring Wheels – They provide an excellent
starting point for medium to heavy precision
deburring, blending and polishing, especially where
seams and welds require smoothing.
LDW (Light Deburring Wheel) – These are the ideal
wheels for light deburring of parts with critical
tolerances. Maintain a smear resistant, bright polished
finish from part to part. Softer densities provide
greater control.
Metal Finishing Wheels – The “Red” Wheels’ durable construction provides users with a long-lasting finishing wheel for
decorative satin and antique finishing of Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum.
Multi-Finish Wheels – These low density, durable wheels are used primarily for applications requiring a linear scratch and final
finish on surfaces where no edges or burrs are present.
General Purpose Wheels – Good, every day performance for light-medium deburring, edge radiusing, and finishing of all metals.

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