Standard Abrasives


Standard Abrasives™
Surface Conditioning Products
Surface Conditioning products (formerly BriteRite™)
provide a more compact structure of non-woven
fibers than Buff & Blend products. Surface
Conditioning products have a woven fabric (scrim)
embedded in the nylon structure to provide
additional strength and durability for edge work,
deburring and efficient blending of all metal types.
Each of the four Standard Abrasives Surface
Conditioning materials offers unique benefits for
your application.
FE – High edge durability and flexibility. High initial and extended rate of cut. Best material when high contact pressure
and stock removal are required. Most efficient on ferrous materials on both flat and contoured surfaces.
GP – Consistent rate of cut. Works especially well on flat surfaces and edges. Most efficient on aluminum and other soft
metals. Resists loading.
RC – High initial rate of cut. Maintains high cut rate. Best material for flat surface finishing. Most efficient on ferrous
metals where final finish is important.
XD – Fastest cutting, most durable surface conditioning disc of Standard Abrasive Surface Conditioning products. Long
lasting, while providing excellent results on flat surfaces and edges.

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