Standard Abrasives


Standard Abrasives™
Quick Change Discs
for Disc Sanders
Choice of Quick Change Attachments
The Standard Abrasives brand offers three
quick change attachment styles. Each
offers fast disc changes, a centered disc
Quick Change TS System was introduced
and is smooth running to help reduce
in 1959 as the SocAtt original metal-to-
operating expenses and increase
metal quick change sanding system. Now
productivity by providing the most value
and use out of every disc.
called the TS System, it remains the most popular style for safety,
Variety of Abrasive Grains
productivity and fast disc changes. Change discs by simply
Standard Abrasives Quick Change Discs for
twisting to unlock the disc from the holder pad.
disc sanders are available in a choice of
grains best suited for a variety of industrial
A/O (Aluminum Oxide) – Fast cut rate,
all-purpose versatility.
A/O Pro – Highest initial rate of cut of all
A/O discs, ideal for prolonged edge work.
Quick Change TR System (formerly
A/O Extra – High stock removable on
difficult to grind and heat-sensitive metals.
known as Lockit) features a common nylon
Silicon Carbide – Sharp cutting points
threaded male (screw type) hub. Easily mounts
provide rapid cutting action; best on
to TR or Roloc™ type holder pads holder pads with a half turn.
non-ferrous metals.
Stays securely in place for the life of the disc.
Zirconia – Fast and aggressive stock
removal for tough grinding applications;
for heavy pressure use.
Zirconia Pro – Cool running on stainless
for extended stock removal; best
performance when medium to heavy
pressure is applied. Very durable.
Ceramic – Cool cutting action reduces
Quick Change TP System (formerly
loading risk and discoloration, best on
known as ClickOn) features a snap-on/snap-
stainless and high nickel alloys.
off nylon fastening hub. Allows for quick disc
Ceramic Pro – Higher ratio of blended
ceramic grain; best in class for cut,
changes when working on mild contours, as well as flat surfaces.
coolness, edge durability and life.
Mounts to TP or Power-Lock™ Type I holder pads.

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