Merit Abrasives


General Purpose Test Kit

Test Kit "GP"
Includes samples of Merit abrasive tools and materials. One of these tools could be worth the cost of the entire kit by solving your problems in deburring, polishing and grinding.

Part No.08834169025

Porting Kits

Test Kit "APK-MO"
The abrasive tools in Merit's Porting Kit are used in general metal-working, automotive work,woodworking, carving and other applications around the home and shop.

The Porting Kit includes:
  • Hard Tapered Stone for initial cut on hard cast iron surface
  • Grind-Polishing Rolls in assorted sizes and grits for grinding fine grits for polishing
  • 1" Diameter Mini Grind-O-Flex Wheel for light finish polishing, not for heavy metal removal
  • Butterfly Flapper, 1" wide abrasive cloth cut into 4" strips and inserted into slotted mandrel, for finish polishing of internal surfaces

Part No.08834169032
Split Mandrel in Kit sold separately,Part # 08834180015

Other Test Kits

DescriptionPart No. 
Abrasotex Hand Pad Kit
includes 20 6" x 9" hand pads in general purpose, heavy duty, super finishing and scouring grits; 1 had pad holder
Mini Grind-O-Flex Test Kit "CQ" 08834138001 see page...
Mini Grind-O-Flex Test Kit "CMM" 08834138004 see page...
Micro Mini GOF Test Kit "MMC" 08834131493 see page...
DescriptionPart No. 
PowerLock Type I (S/O) Test Kit "D" 08834165001see page...
Cartridge Roll Kit "CR" 08834181061see page...
Bore Polisher Test Kit "BP" 08834154181see page...
General Purpose Test Kit "GP" 08834169025see above

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