Merit Abrasives



Every great company starts with a great product or great idea. For Merit Abrasives that great product was "Sand-O-Flex", an innovative brush-backed sander designed for finishing a variety of complex surfaces. It was Sand-O-Flex that gave Merit its start back in 1945. Sand-O-Flex eliminated the need to hand sand on both curved and flat surfaces.Revolutionary in its day, Sand-O-Flex has proven its adaptability and durability over the years and is still in demand for many diverse applications.

With its firm cushioning bristles, Sand-O-Flex's abrasive strips are forced into, around and over corners, hollow and fluted surfaces and small openings. Pressure is distributed evenly over the surface to prevent loss of detail and the flattening of rounded areas.

Sand-O-Flex is designed to fit most standard equipment. It loads quickly and easily by turning the index knob as needed, allowing you to change grit size in minutes. Sand-O-Flex refills are available both scored and unscored, resulting in finer finishes on metals,woods, plastics, rubber and ceramic.And,with the use of Merit adapters, Sand-O-Flex wheels will fit most electric hand drills. Sand-O-Flex-over 60 years old and still a great idea.

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