Merit Abrasives



Whether you need to clean and remove imperfections on metal surfaces, clean built-up residue, deburr or finish a variety of surfaces, blend weld seams or create decorative finishes, Merit Abrasotex non-woven surface finishing products have the versatility to tackle the job.

Made from non-woven synthetic fiber mesh, which is impregnated with abrasives and bound with resins, Abrasotex is available in a number of hard-working products-including surface preparation discs, buffing discs, solid wheels, disc wheels, belts, rolls and Interleaved wheels. Abrasotex is also offered in hand pads for premium, general purpose, heavy-duty, super finishing or general purpose scouring.

Grit sizes range from ultra-fine to coarse. Abrasotex's open mesh construction is waterproof, washable, conformable and non-loading. Abrasotex is designed for surface generation where stock removal is not required. Abrasotex is available in both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

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