Merit Abrasives


Flex Drum

FlexDrum's abrasive cloth sweeps away flaws. It's extreme longevity and perfect balance make it well-suited for automatic as well as off-hand use.

Saves time and costs in operations such as blending out parting lines on castings, smoothing out pre-ground welded areas, removing burrs and work flaws, graining stainless, brush-finishing and satin-finishing aluminum, removing rust, deflashing molded plastic and rubber parts, and preparing surfaces for painting or plating.

Hubs and abrasive segment loadings can be combined to fit your job perfectly. A wide selection of grits from 50 to 320, are available in resin or glue bond. Diameters in "B" type from 8" to 16" and widths from 1-1/2" to 12" are available. Also available are Custom Die-Cut Loadings as well as Extra Wide types in widths up to 144".

Merit Flex-Drum segments feature a new, high performance coated abrasive designed for superior life with an aggressive cut. Heavy cotton backing and premium abrasive grain combine to provide industry-leading performance on a wide range of polishing and finishing applications!

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