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Customers from around the world rely on Merit Abrasives to consistently provide products that meet the requirements of their quick-change sanding disc applications.Merit supplies the most comprehensive quick-change offering in the industry, with the largest variety of abrasives, backings and locking mechanisms.We are committed to consistently provide the highest quality of products that will "finish" the job and increase your profits.

Make the smart change to Merit's PowerLock quick-change discs.With our traditional aggressive Lantuck discs, our Flex-Edge discs and our flexible PowerLock 'fx' discs,we carry every variety of quick-change disc to fit your every need. No other supplier of Industrial Distribution products carries as complete a range of quick-change discs as Merit Abrasives.

Traditional Merit PowerLock Discs are the most aggressive quick-change sanding discs available in our industry.
Traditional Merit PowerLock Discs can be used for working mild contours, but are ideal for use on flat surfaces. These discs are available in a variety of materials and types of construction, including Aluminum Oxide, Zirc Plus, Zirc, ALO Plus, Ceramic and Resin Fiber.

PowerLock Discs come in a choice of three safe, easy-to-use fasteners.
No matter which fastener type you choose, all Merit PowerLock Discs feature laminated construction which provide a tough, durable backing - virtually eliminating the snagging and shredding that can occur with pressure-sensitive discs.

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