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Healthy Work Environment
The Term “Ergonomics” can be Defined as the Study of Work
Ergonomics helps adapt the job to the person, rather than forcing the
person to fit the job. Adapting the job to fit the worker can help reduce
ergonomic stress and eliminate many potential ergonomic disorders.
The objective of ergonomics is to adapt the job and workplace to the
worker by designing tasks, work stations, tools and equipment that
are within the worker's physical capabilities and limitations. Major
causes of many current ergonomic problems are technological
advances such as more specialized tasks, higher assembly line
speeds, and increased repetition, plus a lack of ergonomically
designed technologies. Consequently,
worker's hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, backs and legs may be
subjected to thousands of repetitive twisting, forceful or flexing
motions during a typical workday. In many instances, some machine
tools and work environment are often poorly designed, placing
undue stress on the worker's tendons, muscles and nerves.
Recognizing ergonomic hazards in the workplace is the essential
first step in correcting the hazards and improving worker protection.
The proper Dynabrade tool and work environment can help reduce
the contributing factors associated with cumulative trauma disorders.
Ergonomics and operator comfort have worked their way into each
Dynabrade air tool design. Factors including, vacuum, vibration,
insulation & noise (VVIN) are addressed at every integral design stage.
VVIN is now critical to our research & development of new products as
we continue to meet the challenging needs of the market place.
Airborne sanding particles
can cause severe
inflammation of the eyes
and lung tissue, varying on
the degree of exposure and
the type of airborne
contaminants involved. It is
because of this danger that
Dynabrade manufactures self-generated & central vacuum tools that
direct airborne sanding particles away from the operator and the air
motor, reducing contamination and the cause of risk to the operator.
All hand-held machines transmit vibration to an operator's hand while
in operation. Operators that work with vibrating machines for extended
periods of time risk many types of injury. The most common are
vascular injury, nerve injury, skeletal injury and joint injury. To help
reduce vibration, we have built-in features such as composite
housings & rubber overmolds, plus superiorly balanced motors and
shafts. In addition, Dynabrade premium Sanding Pads are
manufactured with unique one-piece hub assembly, ensuring lower
vibration levels.
Cold caused by pneumatic
powered tools can cause a
variety of work related
injuries. Dynabrade
manufacturers a variety of
tools with thermal-insulated
housings that help prevent
cold temperature
transmission to the operator,
reducing the risk of white finger disease and other related injuries.
High sound levels over an extended period of time can damage
hearing. New enhancements to muffling systems, exhaust overhose
protection and other tool design factors further reduce tool sound
levels in the workplace.
Dynabrade Tools Meet the Following High Quality Standards
Properly Designed Tool
An example of how a properly designed tool assists in reducing work
injuries is Dynabrade’s 7° Offset, Gearless Front Exhaust Die Grinder:
Lightweight composite
housing with anti-slip
ring reduces cold air
transmission to
operator’s hand.
Handle is offset 7° for
greater operator comfort
and control.
Gearless design reduces vibration.
Smaller collet design reduces excessive run-out
and reduces vibration.
Low profile for greater operator control to work in hard to
reach areas.
Unique Vacuum Design
Anti-clog design enhances vacuum pick-up
and directs dust away from the
air motor. Ask about our self-
contained dust collection systems
and vacuum shrouds.
Less Vibration
Composite base and integrated rubber
over-mold create a non-slip feel and insulate
from cold air.
Insulated Handle
Helps insulate from cold air;
now standard on most tools.
Low Sound Levels
Rear exhaust muffler standard
on many models.
Optional Overhose Assembly
May be used to further reduce noise levels
by as much as 5 dB(A). Overhose redirects
exhaust away from operator and workpiece.

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