Dynabrade: Maintaining Adequate Air Flow


Air Motor SCFM
(Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute)
Hose & Fitting
I.D. Required
Recommended Length
Air Supply Hose
22 SCFM (623 L/Min)
1/4" (8 mm)
1' - 8' (0.3048 m – 2.44 m)
28 SCFM (793 L/Min)
3/8" (10 mm)
1' - 25' (0.3048 m – 7.6 m)
35 SCFM (991 L/Min)
3/8" (10 mm)
1' - 20' (0.3048 m – 6.10 m)
45 SCFM (1,274 L/Min)
3/8" (10 mm)
1' - 10' (0.3048 m – 3.042 m)
73 SCFM (2,067 L/Min)
1/2" (15 mm)
1' - 20' (0.3048 m – 6.10 m)
Maintaining Adequate Air Flow
Prevent and Eliminate Air Supply Restrictions
Common Causes of Restriction
The air supply hose is too long.
The inside diameter (I.D.) of the hose is too small.
The air connections or fittings have inside diameters that are too small.
There are too many air connections or fittings being used.
If an inline filter is being used, the unit may be too small or the filter element may be plugged.
If an inline regulator is being used, the unit may be to small, not adjusted properly or defective.
The air supply hose, air fitting, air tool inlet or air tool exhaust may be plugged.
If the air tool has a speed regulator, it may be closed.
Air Hose Supply
Use the air supply hose with the correct inside diameter as is recommended by the air tool manufacturer.
Use the shortest air supply hose possible for the task being performed.
Longer air supply hoses require larger inside diameters.
Coiled air supply hoses appear much shorter than they actually are. When using a coiled hose, make sure that
the inside diameter is large enough to compensate for the length (see chart below).
Air Supply Hose
Recommended Chart
Choose the correct Inside Diameter
(I.D.) and Length of Air Supply Hose.
NOTE: To increase the length of air
supply hose it will be necessary to
increase the inside diameter of the hose.
Air Supply Hoses    (Available from Dynabrade)
3/8" I.D. with two male 1/4" NPT fittings. Part No. 11292 - 8 feet (2.44 m) long. More Info.
1/2" I.D. with one male and one female 1/2" NPT fitting. Part No. 95870 - 5 feet (1.53 m) long. More Info.
8 mm I.D. and 10 mm I.D. lightweight hoses. More Info.
Compare Airflow SCFM (L/Min)
All information based upon size of I.D. at 90 PSIG
(6.2 Bar) in conjunction with mating coupler.
NPT (National Pipe Thread) is the thread size
(such as 1/4" NPT).
One 1/16" hole in a hose leaks at 100 PSIG:
4.25 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
255 cubic feet per hour
2,040 cubic feet in an 8-hour day
6,120 cubic feet per 24 hours
The cost of one leaking air hose:
= 1,468,800
working days
leakage in cf
air lost in cf
per year
per 24 hours
per year
1,468,800 x
= US $602.21*
air lost in cf
cost per cf based on typical
total cost
per year
energy costsper kilowatt-hour
per year!
*Costs will vary based on local charges per kilowatt-hour.
Common Plug Connector
25 SCFM (708 L/Min)
Dynabrade Plug Connector
76 SCFM (2,152 L/Min)
The Cost Of An Air Hose Leak
Plug Connectors
Size (NPT)

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