Dynabrade: Dynuba Cleaning and Polishing Products for Abrasive and Polishing Belts


Part Name
Part Number
Dynuba 100
11.25 oz.
Aerosol Can
16 oz.
Spray Bottle
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
55 Gallon
Dynuba 26
1-1/2 lb.
Grease Tube
Dynuba 103
1/2 lb.
Cleaning Stick
Dynuba 171
3 lb.
Polishing Tube
Dynuba 100
Ozone Safe
Our most popular
Dynuba product -
extends belt life.
Keeps belts free of
metal build-up when
sanding non-ferrous
metals with grit 80
or finer.
Dynuba 26
Abrasive belt grease for use with all
Promotes free cutting, improves
abrasive belt life; prevents heat
Dynuba 103
Removes abrasive belt build-up of
wood and resin residue.
Apply to grit side of moving abrasive
belts and discs.
8-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" gum rubber
Dynuba 171
Easily cleaned.
For brilliant cut and color on
stainless and aluminum.
Polishing compound for cloth belts
and rag wheels. Apply to moving
cloth belts or rag wheel.
General air tool maintenance begins
with motor lubrication
necessary for greater performance and increased life
of air tools. Dynabrade tools must be used with
Filter-Regulator-Lubricators to maintain all warranties.
Cleaning and Polishing Products for Abrasive and Polishing Belts
Lubricants and Grease
Help Prevent Downtime
Dynabrade Air Lube (10W/NR)
Formulated for pneumatic equipment.
Absorbs up to 10% of its weight in water.
Prevents rust and formation of gum/sludge for
longer tool operation with greater power and
less downtime.
Part No. 95821
118 ml (4 oz.)
Part No. 95843
3.8 l (1 gallon)
Part No. 95842
473 ml (1 pt.)
Part No. 96101
Display Box
24 - 118 ml (4 oz.) bottles
Gear Oil
Part No. 95848
2.5 oz. (74 ml) Tube
Formulated for Dynabrade
geared tools utilizing a wick-type
lubrication system.
Apply every 8 hours of operation
into tool’s lubrication fitting.
Failure to lubricate will cause premature gear failure & void warranty.
Easy to apply using with Dynabrade P/N 95541 Grease/Oil Gun
(shown, sold separately).
NOTE: For non wick-type lubrication systems, use 95542 Gear
Grease & Grease Gun
Multi-purpose grease for all types of
bearings, cams, gears.
High film strength; excellent resistance
to water, steam, etc.
Workable range -18° C to 149° C
(0° F to 300° F).
Part No. 95541
Push-Type Grease Gun
One-hand operation.
Part No. 95542
283.5 g (10oz.) Tube

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