Dynabrade: DynaMitt Sanding Glove, Safety-Lock Throttle Levers, Handles, Hangers


DynaMitt Sanding Glove
Hand-Sanding Has Never Been Easier
Part No. 58005
Palm side of DynaMitt accepts hook-face abrasive
sheets (sold separately).
Ideal for sanding contours.
Easily control pressure and sanding coverage.
Includes rubber insert for more rigid applications.
Insert fits into pocket under hook-face area.
DynaMitt Pack
Part No. 58009
Includes 58005 DynaMitt and rubber insert, plus
93889 Abrasive Sheet Sample Kit (13 abrasive
sheets in various grits).
Throttle Levers
Help Prevent Accidental
Tool Start-up
Remove standard throttle
lever from tool and install
new safety-lock
lever in seconds.
Safety-lock levers
are available for
all Dynabrade
air tools.
Call our customer
service department
to identify which
safety-lock lever
fits your tool.
Side Handles
Various Designs
& Styles
Side handles improve
operator comfort and control.
Handles for many tools
including Dynastraight
series, Dynangle,
Pistol-Grip Tools,
Wet Tools, Drills,
Die Grinders and
Disc Sanders.
Tool Hangers
For Use with Dynabuffers
Optional lightweight hanger easily
attaches to Dynabrade Dynabuffers
for convenient workplace storage.
Part No. 97166
For use with 3" (76 mm) dia.
Dynabuffer and Mini-Dynorbital
Silver Supreme.
Part No. 56592
For use with 5" (127 mm) dia.
Dynabuffer (58455).
Tool Handle
For Use with
Dynabrade Tools
Part No. 53163
Heavy-duty construction; perfectly
centered over tool for ideal balance and comfort.
Compatible with selected models of the Dynabelter,
Dynastraight, Lightweight Dynastraight, Dynisher,
Mini-Dynisher, Dynafile
III, Disc Sanders, Depressed
Center Wheel Grinders, Cut-Off Wheel Tools and Drills.

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