Dynabrade: Pneumatic Wheels For Dynastraight & Dynisher / Inflation Devices


When fitted with an abrasive belt and inflated to the desired firmness, our
Pneumatic Wheels are ideal for countless grinding and finishing applications.
Dynabrade Pneumatic Wheels support coated abrasive and non-woven nylon
belts for use on metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass and composites.
Pneumatic Wheels
Standard Wheels
For general finishing jobs.
1/8" thick natural, 65 durometer rubber.
Heavy Duty Wheels
When you need a more aggressive
wheel for more stock removal.
1/4" thick natural, 65 durometer rubber.
Extremely durable - when used properly
wheel is very resistant to gouging.
Wheel Inflation Tool
Part No. 94465
Controlled inflation for valve assemblies
that are flush with the hub surface.
1/4" female NPT.
95633 Nozzle replacement available.
Air Pump Assembly
Part No. 98091
Easy slide pump; no compressor needed.
Wheel Hubs
Composite Hub
Molded; lightweight design.
Available with standard construction rubber
wheels only.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Hub
Precision machined for balance run-out and
thread quality.
Easily replace rubber wheel.
Available with both wheel construction types.
Universal Arbor
Pneumatic wheels with a universal arbor include three reducer
bushings (1/2", 5/8", 3/4") to greatly increase the wheel compatibility.
Dynacushion Pneumatic Wheel Kits
Part No. 94478
Includes: 94473 Dynacushion
Pneumatic Wheel (5" dia. x 3-1/2"
wide, composite hub, 3/4" bore),
coarse non-woven nylon belt and
80-grit DynaCut Belt.
Part No. 94479
Includes: 94472 Dynacushion Pneumatic
Wheel (5" dia. x 3-1/2" wide, composite hub,
5/8"-11 thread), coarse non-woven nylon belt and 80-grit DynaCut Belt.
Wheel Shields
Part No. 13032
For wheels up to 8" dia. x 2" wide.
Built-in handle.
Part No. 13033
For wheels up to
5" diameter.
Built-in handle.
Pneumatic Wheels
For Use on Dynastraight and Dynisher Tools
Inflation Devices and Accessories

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