Dynabrade: Electric Portable Vacuum Accessories


Electric Portable Vacuum Accessories
Customize Your Portable Electric Vacuum System
Vacuum Tray
Part No. 96567
Part No. 96563
9.9 gallon (36 liters)
17 gallon (64 liters)
A convenient, heavy duty storage tray for work-related items.
Shown with optional 96581 Hanger, ideal for hanging vacuum hoses.
Wheel Assembly
Part No. 80051
Lock vacuum in place with the
simple ease of a push-lock system.
Replacement Brushes
Part No. 80057  110 V - 60 Hz.
Quantity of two.
Part No. 80058 230 V - 50 Hz.
Quantity of two.
Wall Mount Bracket
Part No. 96534
Keep vacuum off floor
for convenient storage.
Vacuum Edge Guard
Part No. 61361
Non-marring protective edge
allows vacuum unit to be
placed on finished surfaces.
For use with 9.9 gallon
(36 litres) models only.
Vacuum Cleaning Kit
Part No. 96558
Includes 6' (1.8 m) long x
1-1/4" (32 mm) dia. vacuum
hose, curved handle and two
extension pipes along with
round brush, crevice tool and
coarse dirt nozzle attachments.
For use with all electric
portable vacuums.
Conductive “Y”
Connector & Inlet
Parts are carbon-impregnated
to shield operator from electrostatic
discharge (ESD).
Part No. 31968
Conductive “Y” Connector
Connects two tools to vacuum
simultaneously. (64686
Non-Conductive “Y” Connector
also available.)
Part No. 31964
Conductive Inlet
Allows attachment of “Y” Connector
to Portable Vacuum.
Cartridge Filters for
Portable Vacuum Systems
For Vacuum Models 61300-61311
Part No. 64683
Paper Cartridge Filter
Cartridge filtration capturing
one-micron respirable-size particles.
Part No. 64684
HEPA Cartridge Filter
True HEPA filtration is recognized as one
of the most efficient air filtration methods
available and has been proven to remove
airborne particles.
Our HEPA Cartridge Filter is certified
99.97% efficient in capturing 0.3 micron
respirable-size-particles. (One micron
equals 1 millionth of a meter.)

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