Dynabrade: .4 hp Die Grinders Straight-Line, Front and Rear Exhaust


.4 hp Die Grinders
Straight-Line, Front and Rear Exhaust
For Use on Metal, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Composites and More!
Dynabrade .4 hp (298 W) Die Grinders offer innovative
design for peak efficiency and longer life! Ideal for
rapid material removal, deburring, finishing and
polishing, these tools represent the FINEST
in Dynabrade quality and innovation!
Ergonomic Tool Housing
Oval-shaped housing conforms to natural
shape of hand for optimum comfort.
Hardened Tool Cylinder
Tool cylinder is made of case-hardened material,
to retain core toughness and prevent cracking.
Governor-Controlled Motor
(950 RPM to 30,000 RPM Models)
Maintains consistent motor speed under
load and delivers optimal power.
Comfortable Tactile Grip
Tool’s tactile grip is co-molded to composite
housing, providing comfortable non-slip grip.
Integrated Safety-Lock Throttle Lever
Included on all models. Contoured shape for operator
comfort, with new dowel pin that minimizes lever wear.
3-Vane Tool Rotor
3-vane rotor allows wider offering of
tool speeds. Achieves stall-torque
and horsepower performance
equal to tools with
4-vane rotor.
Tool Design
Each model weighs 0.5 oz
(15 g)
less than its
previous version!
Full-Length Housing Core
Housing core runs the full length of tool, serving as “backbone”
and providing consistent weight distribution of tool.
Thermal Isolation Cavity
Pocket of still air between composite
housing and housing core thermally
isolates operator’s hand from
temperature extremes within motor.
Carbide Burrs, Rotary Files,
Mounted Points and Discs
Model 47201
3,200 RPM

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