Dynabrade: .4 hp Dynafile II Air-Powered Abrasive Belt Tool


hp (W)
Abrasive Belt Size
Inch (mm)
Max. Air Flow
SCFM (L/Min)
Pound (kg)
Inch (mm)
Inch (mm)
.4 (298)
79 dB(A)
1/8 - 3/4 (3 - 19) x 18 (457)
22 (626)
5,730 (1,747)
1.9 (.86)
14 (356)
4-1/8 (105)
.4 (298)
79 dB(A)
1/8 - 3/4 (3 - 19) x 18 (457)
22 (626)
5,730 (1,747)
1.9 (.86)
14 (356)
4-1/8 (105)
.4 hp Dynafile II
Air-Powered Abrasive Belt Tool
Lightweight, Low Profile Version of Dynafile II
Additional Specifications: Air Inlet Thread 1/4" NPT Hose I.D. Size 3/8" (10 mm) Air Pressure 90 PSIG (6.2 Bar)
Tune-Up Kit: No. 96074
.4 hp Dynafile II adds a lightweight, compact variation to
Dynabrade’s famous Abrasive Belt Tool line. The optimal
low profile belt tool for working in tight areas!
Grind, deburr, blend, finish and polish.
Grind from contact wheel or platen pad;
finish and polish using slack of belt.
For use on metal, plastic, fiberglass,
composites, glass and more.
Compact, low profile housing allows
easy access in tight spots and
previously inaccessible areas.
Grinding head pivots 360° for
additional flexibility.
Ergonomic 7° offset handle.
Robust .4 hp air motor serves up ample power.
Lightweight tool design minimizes operator fatigue and
increases efficiency.
Belt guard easily detaches for quick abrasive change;
simple belt tracking adjustment knob.
Model 40352  For 18" Long Belts
Includes 11203 Contact Arm, for coated abrasive belts
1/2" wide x 18" long. More Info.
Model 40353  For 18" Long Belts
Includes 11203 Contact Arm for 1/2" wide x 18" long
medium non-woven nylon belt (78020).
Excellent for setting grain lines, achieving consistent satin
finish on a variety of metals, and removing oxide and
weld discoloration.
40375 Rubber Drive Wheel minimizes non-woven nylon
belt slippage.
.4 hp Dynafile II is ideal
for deburring and finishing
in tight areas.
Low Profile Design
Optional 11204 Contact Arm offers
ability to grind into contours.
Optional offset Contact Arm
allows belt to conform to a
variety of contours.
Clean and finish using
non-woven nylon belts.
Dynafile II easily converts to a Die Grinder with optional
50010 Collet (1/4") or 50015 Collet (6 mm). To convert
to a Drill, order 53032 Chuck (1/4").
Arrows located on Dynafile II belt cover indicate
abrasive belt direction. Grinding from the
RETURN SIDE of the belt will greatly enhance
tool performance and increase belt life.
Dynaswivel air line connector is ideal for
use with most air tools. It improves tool
maneuverability, minimizes operator fatigue
and extends hose life. More Info.
1/8", 1/4", 3/4" wide x 18" long
(3mm, 6mm, 19mm x 457mm)

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