Cratex Cones are the best answer to many difficult deburring, smoothing and polishing problems. They are easily shaped to contour while being used or by using a Cratex conventional dressing tool. They are ideal for cleaning and polishing grooves, ball corners, flares, angles and other hard to reach surfaces as well as for use on molds, dies, castings, combustion chambers and ports, stainless steel tanks, shafts, turbine blades, and many others. Dimensions in inches Dimensions in inches.

Part No.ShapeLengthDiameterArbor Hole
1340Tapered15/8 to 1/41/4
1345Tapered1-1/47/8 to 1/41/4
1349Tapered1-1/41 to 1/41/4
1848Tapered21 to 1/21/4

Cone Mandrel

Cratex Rubberized Abrasives Cones are designed to fit Cratex Cone Mandrel No. 1341, 1/4" Shank. Maximum Safe Speed 20,000 Revolutions Per Minute with 1/2" overhang or less (exposed mandrel length). For each additional 1/4" of overhang the Maximum Safe Speed is decreased by at least 20%. Maximum Safe Speed is 20,000 Revolutions Per Minute. Best results are usually obtained at 30% to 80% of Maximum Safe Speed. Use a light work pressure.

Part No.

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