Contender: Made in the USA


General Purpose Metric Combination Drill & Tap - High Speed Steel - Ground Thread

Part No. Size Shank Dia. Overall Length Drill Length Drill Size Thread Length # of Flutes Pkg. Qty.
16518758M4 X 0.70.1682-1/83/80.13401/221
16518759M5 X 0.80.1942-3/813/320.17005/821
16518760M6 X 1.00.2552-1/217/320.203025/3221
16518761M8 X 1.250.3182-27/3211/160.273015/1621
16518762M10 X 1.5 00.3813.3 813/160.34400.6921
16518763M12 X 1.7 50.3674-1/161-1/80.41401-3/821

Pitch diameter and thread tolerances are designed to produce a Class 6H fit.

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