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Solid Carbide Endmills - Speed and Feed Recommendations

All speed and feed recommendations should be considered only as a starting point.
Variations may be needed to achieve optimum results.

General Recommendations
The above suggested parameters are recommended for uncoated tools only.
When various coatings are applied, SFM may be increased accordingly.
These general percentages are as follows under optimal conditions:

Maximize rigidity to reduce chatter and increase tool life. Ways to improve rigidity include choosing the largest diameter possible to perform your milling task, use the shortest LOC (Length of Cut) available, and always use the tool holder which offers the shortest gage line (Shortest Tool Holder Length).

If chatter is present increase feed or reduce speed.

Extra Long Endmills
For extra long endmills the SFM should be reduced by 25%.

Cutter Direction
Cutter direction should be held in a climb milling direction whenever possible.
Conventional tool paths may be employed when the tool is in use on older manual equipment to minimize backlash or to remove scale to reach the softer parent material underneath.

TIR or Total Indicated Runout
This condition should be held to a minimum at all times. As this value increases, the effectiveness of the tools performance decreases thus reducing tool life.

Recutting Chips
Use a coolant or air blast to evacuate chips to avoid premature damage to your carbide cutting tool, which may occur if chips are recut.

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